Big Cypress Millenium Midnight Set Leaks

It took nearly 15 years, but 5:45 of Phish’s 7-hour marathon set has leaked in pro-shot video form. One of the most magical nights of music the world has ever seen, and now everyone can see it for themselves.

Meatstick - Auld Lang Syne - Down with Disease 2 - Llama, Bathtub Gin, Heavy Things, Twist - Prince Caspian - Rock and Roll, You Enjoy Myself 4 , Crosseyed and Painless, The Inlaw Josie Wales 5, Sand - Quadrophonic Toppling[6], Slave to the Traffic Light, Albuquerque 7 , Reba, Axilla 7, Uncle Pen, David Bowie, My Soul, Drowned - After Midnight Reprise, The Horse - Silent in the Morning - Bittersweet Motel, Piper (cut) does not include rest of show. (yet?)

Thank you phish